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Hillbilly Deluxe

Hello! And welcom to our page! This is a new site and is still going through construction and should be complete reletively soon. The driver of this Ford F350 Is Dan Harvey JR! Dan is 33years old and is a loving father of six.Three daughters and two sons. Chelsea 16, Carly 14, Austin 13, Tanner 12, Danielle 8, and Kaity 5.You can probably see them rooting their dad on in the stands every friday night. Dan is also a son of Virginia Whitehair and Dan Harvey, also step son to Don Whitehair,A loving brother to Jimmy Harvey,Andy Harvey and to the late Christina Harvey. Dan is also a hardworking man trying to make a living, who loves having fun on the weekends with his truck and family at Fireball.Dan loves to take chances in the pits and be crazy living life.If somthing breaks under the truck during a run he just says she'll run one more time an then take her in six more times.He worries about problems after the fun is over.